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We do not engage in oil and gas exploration or development activities in natural world heritage sites or mixed world heritage sites.

We believe some areas are too sensitive to enter. But we also believe that through a transparent process and reporting, stakeholder engagement, partnerships and stringent operating practices and continuous monitoring it is possible to operate responsibly in some areas that are under protection or rich in biodiversity.

Emissions and Cleaner Air

Management of all our emissions is a requirement for our operational excellence. Our approach involves; moving towards no continuous  flaring or venting, inventorying and reduction of GHG emissions and VOCs, as well as eliminating all ozone depleting substances. 


Two main issues are related to the energy sector water availability and water quality.  We implement a risk based approach  to water resource availability to arrive at best options of resource management.

We assess and monitor the quality of our discharges  and devise measures for compliance with required quality criteria.

Soil and groundwater

Subject matter experts are utilized to determine the potential for soil and groundwater contamination in relation to our activities and projects. Monitoring and investigations are conducted to assess potential risks areas.

Controls are placed to reduce risks to ALARP levels and remedial action plans  are developed for implementation as a recovery measure.


We consider waste impacts prior to waste generation through the process of product stewardship. All aspects of waste management are applied to wastes generated by our offices projects and activities,  thus managing our wastes from cradle to grave.