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In Shell Egypt, contractors who work for us, as well as the joint ventures where Shell has a controlling interest, are required to manage safety in line with our Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) Policy and Commitment.

This includes our goal to do no harm to people and the requirement to apply an effective HSSE management system.

Our group Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) Management System provides a framework for managing HSSE at our locations worldwide. This ensures that we manage safety systematically and have the right resources, skills, tools, standards and procedures in place.

For example, the HSSE Management System includes our road safety and asset integrity standards.

Goal Zero

We do not accept that fatalities are an inevitable consequence of working in a hazardous industry like we operate. We believe we can operate with zero fatalities, and zero significant incidents.

The phrase “Goal Zero”, which we launched in 2007, captures this belief. To support the drive for Goal Zero, we are developing the safety leadership skills of our staff, rewarding successful performance and getting better at checking that rules are being followed.

Personal safety

Personal safety means that our people follow the rules and work safely. We are working to prevent accidents by introducing simpler and clearer safety policies that are easier for employees and contractors to understand and follow.

In 2009 the Group introduced the Life Saving Rules which is a set of 12 safety practices implemented throughout our operations to prevent incident.

Improving safety on the road remains a focus, since road accidents account for a large share of incidents.

Process safety

Process safety means making sure our facilities are well designed, safely operated and properly maintained.

We have process safety standards with Shell-wide rules on how to design and maintain complex installations like refineries or oil production sites.

A team of independent, senior internal expertise – specialized in process safety – are in place to check that these standards are implemented.