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Social Investment

Shell Egypt aims to be a good neighbour in the communities and societies where we operate. This means not only running our facilities cleanly and safely, but also building strong relationships with local people, and with them finding ways for our operations to contribute to their development.

Our Social Investment programme includes projects we support or carry out ourselves to benefit local communities. We try to find a good balance between economic growth, care for the local environment and equitable social development. Projects are also carried out by external organisations and bodies working closely with Shell. We are proud to offer support, expertise and commitment from our staff, with Shell personnel deployed wherever possible.


In cooperation with the Environmental Quality International (EQI), Shell Egypt undertook a project in the small Gara Oasis, located on the borders of Shell’s West Sitra concession area. Launched under the auspices of the Governor of Matruh, the Project focuses on the advancement and implementation of a sustainable development programme improving environmental, social and economic conditions in Gara.

Community Development

Shell Charity is a voluntary based committee composed of volunteer staff, as well as expatriate staff wives. It aims at supporting social organisations and orphanages in Egypt. Over the past years, the committee has supported a number of organisations by giving in-kind donations including the provision of necessary goods as well as production means to work, produce and earn living.

Capacity Building

Shell Egypt is keen in contributing towards education and capacity building of students and teachers especially at public schools. This support stems from Shell’s belief that these elements are critical in the development of the Egyptian society. Hence, under the supervision of the Ministry of Education, Shell has adopted a number of public schools, renovating their facilities and supporting students’ activities. Adopted schools include Al-Makrizi, Almaza School, Red Crescent and Mustafa Kamel Complex of schools as well as Talaat Harb, Taha Hussein Preparatory Schools and El-Nahda Preparatory School. The scheme has benefited more than 7,500 students to date.

Road Safety

Safety is Shell’s number one priority.Road safety in particular represents Shell’s main safety concern. According to statistics,many fatalities in the world are associated with poor driving habits and bad behaviours on the roads.Armed with the knowledge that road traffic accidents are the second major cause of death in Egypt, the need for more safety conscious drivers, better driving behaviours and improved motoring habits have become more important than ever before. Shell Egypt has realised the importance of raising public awareness of road safety and has therefore addressed this concern by taking different measures all over Egypt to promote road safety.