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Road Safety

Safety is Shell’s number one priority. Road safety in particular represents Shell’s main safety concern. According to statistics, many fatalities in the world are associated with poor driving habits and bad behaviours on the roads.

Armed with the knowledge that road traffic accidents are the second major cause of death in Egypt, the need for more safety conscious drivers, better driving behaviours and improved motoring habits have become more important than ever before.

Shell Egypt has realised the importance of raising public awareness of road safety and has therefore addressed this concern by taking different measures all over Egypt to promote road safety.

Shell Coperation with GARBLT

Shell Egypt supported the General Authority for Roads, Bridges and Land Transport (GARBLT) by supplying them with two specialised cars for training purposes.

The cars are used for training drivers and staff from GARBLT and the four affiliates holding companies on the best and safest driving practices, including defensive driving, proper lane-changing, and minimum distance between driving vehicles…etc.

In addition, Shell installed 180 road signs at 60 exits on the ring road around Cairo. Some stretches of the road are dimly lit and chances of missing exits at night are very high. Therefore, Shell Egypt set up reflexive signs that can be seen from afar using the headlights. Shell Egypt believes this initiative plays a significant role in enhancing the safety of the road.

Defensive Driving Training at Schools

Schools bus drivers are a vital segment of drivers as they guard many children’s lives on the way to school and back. In recognition of that, Shell Egypt has organised several defensive driving trainings for different schools’ bus drivers to introduce them to good driving practises and behaviours.