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Solar Panels

Shell Egypt has supplied Matruh Health Directorate with 12 solar systems which were installed at ten rural health units and two emergency units situated in areas deprived of energy supply.

The installed solar photovoltaic power systems have no mechanical parts and are hence virtually maintenance-free. This ensured the availability of electricity required to power essential equipment such as lighting and refrigerators, storing medicine pharmaceuticals such as insulin for diabetic patients, vaccines for young babies and anti-venom for patients who suffer snake and scorpion bites.

 Plastic Waste Recycling Plant

Marsa Matruh City produces more than 500 tons of plastic waste per year. Much of these are recyclable. However, the City did not have any plastic waste recycling facilities. All plastic waste was transferred to the City dumpsite.

Shell Egypt, in partnership with Matruh Governorate & the Association for the Protection of the Environment (APE), an Egyptian NGO; decided to provide the City with a plastic waste recycling plant that was built close to the organic compost factory, where Matruh’s waste is sorted.

 The plant targets to recycle 0.4 tons of plastic waste per day, equivalent to 183 tons per year. Shell Egypt funded the original feasibility study and provided for the machinery and equipment finance. Furthermore, Shell provided for the project’s working capital to ensure that it did not run short of funds. It has done so by covering the costs of the plant, its machinery and staff for the first year. 

This plant helps reduce the environmental impact of plastic waste, in addition to providing job opportunities for local people in Matruh City.

Save the Dolphin Awareness Campaign

As part of seeking environmental safety, Shell Egypt launched an environmental awareness programme for schools located in the Red Sea Governorate with the objective of educating children in the local community on the true value of the natural resources of the Red Sea.

The programme, ‘Know your dolphin’, was organised in co-operation with the Abu Salama Society, an environmental NGO operating in the area. In addition it featured a number of in-school activities catered for different types of hobbies and levels of intelligences. The aim was to promote the students’ understanding of the Red Sea resources through competition and creativity.

The programme involved a two-day trip at the important natural sites in the Red Sea. On the trip, the children were taken by boat to the Samadai ‘Dolphin House’ reef, where they were briefed by National Park Rangers and a veteran Red Sea marine biologist.

They participated in an expedition to the Wadi El Gemal National Park, where they took part in a beach clean-up exercise. By this, children were able to apply what they learned in the programme besides increasing their feeling of responsibility towards the environment and society.